Cover : Whitestar Magazine n°3

People : Survivors of the Shattering

This late autumn, during the night, the world has shattered, changing the face of Azeroth for ever. The dragon Deathwing, the ancient Earth Warder, have escaped from Deepholme, setting fire to our lands and partially destroying the great city of Stormwind.
Cities and villages destroyed, lands shattered, tsunamis ravaging shores, volcanos blowing  their rage. So many have perished that night! So many have lost their homes, their families and their friends!
But in despair there is always hope, and many had the chance to survive. Listen to the stories of those, who – like you, dear reader, has managed to escape the claws of the Destroyer

Braiden M, noble
I was trapped in my little residence there by the lake (Loch Modan) for few days. Well did you not hear? The damn collapsed. The lake is quite dry now! I saw it happen, or well a glimpse of it. There was this... a gigant flaming creature. As he flew, the ground was scourged and destruction followed.
I did the only reasonable thing: me and my good bulter Breckenridge barricaded oursleves inside the house. Took two days to dig our way out. I'll oversee the damage done to all my lands that is in my possession and make sure all my servants are found.

Caithness, city guard
I used to live here in Stormwind. I was there too when it happened. Just came back from Northrend, I'm a former soldier. I wasn't sleeping, just wandering around the streets.  After you see some thing, you do not sleep much. Nevermind.
So back to the night. I saw the light. And I do not mean the bright dawning light. I mean fire. Red bright fire in the sky. Then the earthquake. It shock the ground, I felt down, lying unconsciouss. After some times, I was woken up by a guard and told that the cataclysm...scream of people. You know after the invasion I should be well...I was given a bow, I think. It's all not clear, hazy. The dragon. Big Black armored dragon. Flying over the sky, spitting fire... We tried to shoot  him, but it grabbed some poor men from the floor and fleed. And then the roar. I was deaf for a week after that sound. Horrible !
We tried to chase it : few guards, few soldiers, battlemages and I. After we arrived in the Valley of Heroes, it was already over. Broken statue. Smoldering towers…

Nuraahi, technician
The day before I had been in Menethil harbour, with others of the commune. A ship was pin pointed to sail for Steamwheedle Port at the shore of Tanaris. I decided I would take the trip in order to get less traditional supplies from Gadgedzan, since we were moving weapons  and  food from the Exodar to Ironforge. As a technician, I figured I could perhaps make something helpfull. Gadgedzan is the best place for ideas concerning the elements.
Half way into the night, the ship wasn't far from the coast of Eastern Kalimdor. A storm had passed by the time an unusually tall wave passed beneath the bowl. We would later come to know that half of Azeroth was beeing smashed back and forth at that very moment. In any case I shrugged it off and so do the rest of the ships's crew and passengers.
A few hours went and we saw the sun dawn atleast, but what we awoke was nothing we had even considered. The coastal Wall of Kalimdor before us shattered. Behind it was the huge enclave of Thousand Needles, flooded. Billions of tone of water had flushed through a hole in the wall, filling the valley completly !

To be honnest I was on mission that day. Me and a few of the best agents Gnomeragan could provide were doing some work in the barrens, to secure the place for an invasion. Of course, we all saw him ! Two of the agents were coughts in the shattering and fell into the cliff that now stand in the middle of the northern and southtern barrens. Sadly, but they knew the risk and were ready to die for the sake of the Alliance. We were all a little confused but we were able to contact the ships that was to attack the barrens. They then took hold in ...Northwatch Hold, I believe it's called and then another old human base and as soon as their forces were installed I toke my leave and returned back home to see the damage with my own eyes.
 I don't see myself as survivor. I see myself as hostage.

Spyre, thief catcher
Now it come back to me. Loch Modan, we were there. Some kind of mountainer patrol. I remember it was close to that time the dam broke. Myself spend most of that time holding  my squad of soldiers in Ironforge against the elementals. We had also traveled arround Khaz Modan borders to secure the randomly elementals that poped up. I'm just a thief catcher, so my story isn't much. Thief catcher is a bit like an elit rank within the guard. But that time before, most of us spend that time defending Ironforge.

Kierrann, journalist
I was in Gilneas City, some time before the Shattering; maybe a week? I don't know exactly. Anyway, I was in my apartment, minding my own business, when I heard people screaming in the street. It didn't worried me at first, but the screams went on, louder and louder. When I finally heard sounds of a fight, I decided to see for myself what was happening.
I opened the door, worried and scared about what I was going to find, but also curious. Worgen were running wild in the streets, attacking citizens. I'd already heard about the worgen, and the dangerous threat they represented, but I didn't thought they would be able to reach the city. I was in such a state of shock that I didn't saw that one of them was running at me. I raised my arms, in a desperate attempt to protect myself, and got bit by the beast. I don't know how I managed to escape but a few seconds later I was safe, in my apartment, with two hands severely damaged and bleeding. I tried to heal my wounds, but I was already feeling sick. A few minutes later, I became one of them. I blacked-out - I can't tell you what happened while I was a wild worgen, and I don't want to know what I did - and woke up in Duskhaven, after the administration of a temporal cure. Several other Gilnean had been affected by the same "curse".
Anyway, our world was already torn apart. We had lost our city to wild beasts, and were only survivors to what was once a great kingdom. But then, the Forsaken attacked us, at the weakest moment of our history. And then, the Shattering happened. Without the help of the Night Elves, none of us would have survived.
I can't really tell you how awful the Shattering was, because it was just one small thing out of many awful things that happened to the world I lived in since my birth. It's a miracle if we, Gilnean, are still alive today

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa

Spirituality : Argent Crusade mass in Hearthglen

In this time of chaos we all need hope. We need to remember that we still can love and that all isn't about war. Argent Crusades town in western Plaugelands; Hearthglen, is a place where you can find answers about the light, and the one who has the answers is Argent Bishop Alexandra. A kind soul who helps those in great need. Her voice is soothing and calms me down when she preaches about the light.

Argent Bishop Alexandra clears her throat and starts to speak with a strong clear voice todays mass is about the existence of light and how it effects us every day. Alexandra preaches in such way that you always can ask a question, and she lets us all be part of the mass, by asking a question directly to the audience.

Argent Bishop Alexandra takes deep breath's now and then and her sapphire eyes settle upon us with great confidence. I listen with great interest and write everything down in the notebook I carried with me. Argent Bishop Alexandra continues and tells us we have come together this day
to pray for the lights kindness, its graceful blessings and its essential virtues that embrace us during dark times.

Argent Bishop Alexandra looks down and smiles, she looks up again seconds later She thanks all of us for showing her support and that we chose to visit the improvised church. She says the light can be preached anywhere, anytime as long as we are truthful.

The first questions is asked by The Argent Bishop herself.
"What do you consider to be the meaning of the light?"

Everyone in the room turns a bit and look at each other but all is silent. Argent Bishop Alexandra can see that we are hesitating and calms us down there is no correct or wrong answer in the matter.

Argent Bishops soothing words must have done the trick, because suddenly the room fills with chattering, everyone seems to give her an answer.

Someone says that slaying the scourge in countless numbers with little effort is the meaining of life. Another one says that the light is the embodiement of Justice, Honour and Chivalry and it is the beacon of hope for those forlorn spirits and a Vigil of Clarion for those devoted to it.

Yet another answer comes to air and this one thinks that the light is the feeling that streams through someone when they are truthful.

We can all agree with each others answers since they are all right. The light is the source of all good and may cleanse any wound along time. The light is the shelter you seek, when times are dark.

Argent Bishop smiles towards us as she continues the mass.
"The light is ultimately, a philosophy rather than a religion. Those who follow it closely gain spiritual awareness and guidance, allowing them to lead others in the most dangerous and peculiar happenings of this world"

The nex question is asked by the Argent Bishop. Who, of you knows the nomination of the three essential virtues of the light?

Yet again the room becomes silent, no-one is answering but it dont take long before someone raises his voice and answers The Argent Bishop.
"Compassion, respect and tenacity Bishop!" is the answer from the man.

The agrnet Bishop smiles towards him and raises her voice.
"Respect, Tenacity, compassion, those are the virtues that we preach, and the virtues that before preaching or even using our faith to battle or healing we need to understand, or at least perceive. What i mean is, even if you cannot explain their meaning, I am sure you feel it, in your heart, in your soul, and in your mind, since the first time you understood your faith was strong enough to be used in favor and against others for principle that we simply name "Right" which I am certain that one day we will be able to speak of here."

Argent bishop Alexandra starts to round the mass up eventually. I further pray with you that you always be considerate of each other and remember to always turn to the light in times of need and to rejoice in it in celebration of cherished moments and gratitude, for without it perhaps this world would have already been buried into the darkness of Evil.

Thank you for your patience and for your presence today. Light bless you on your path Crusaders, brothers and sisters of the Light.

As Argent Bishop Alexandra closes her books and collects her scrolls I take a deep breath, the mass was extraordinary and i believe it helped us all to find a bit of rest, peace and feeling hope again. And in times like these, people such as Argent Bishop Alexandra are greatly needed.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Alakina Aisling

Society : Whitestar Magazine help Westfall !

One night, the terrible sound of Deathwing's roaring crumbled the walls of Stormwind. The morrow after, the complain of a thousand starving bellies had been heard in the golden fields of Westfall. Despite the effort of several good souls, the wave of refugees had, for the little shire,  been nearly as destructive as the tsunami had been in Tanaris. The criminal rates increased. The Defias Brotherhood recruited openly among the desperate, just as the cultists had done one month before. When you see your children dying of hunger, you don't have much choice. Sometime, becoming a thief or an assassin is the only option left.
Concerned by this social drama, Whitestar Magazine has taken the initiative of helping Westfall by organising a Gran Charity Fishing day.

Early in a fresh wintery afternoon, the reporters of your favourite magazine were awaiting the arrival of the fishermans in front of the Lion's Pride, the infamous Inn of Goldshire. Several Winter Veil trees, nicely decorated despite the recent events, brought a joyful touch to the scene. The wait had not been long. A small group with fishing poles were discussing together. People were coming from all horizons, and all social ladders. Commoners, adventurers, nobles, gilneans... all were gathered by the desire of helping those in need. Among them, the paladin Maelmoor Lightbringer and Talasha, the faithful servitor of Sir Mismantel, who himself was unable to come in person this time.

The group left the market place for the shores of Crystal Lake, right behind the village. The forest was still, the water teeming with hundreds of fish eager to bite. The perspective of helping the world to become better along by doing a peaceful activity, far from battles, wars and conflicts, were immensely relaxing. The catch was good. In few moments, several buckets were filled with silvery fresh fish.

To not disturb the natural balance of the lake too much, the fishermen left the place, and moved deeper into Elwynn, following the road leading to Redrige, all the way to Stone Cairn Lake. The afternoon was spent peacefully, in discussions about various subjects while fishing more food for the Westfall refugees. Then, a cooking fire had been fired up, where the fish had been spiced with forest herbs and grilled with care. The food might be supplies for a starving population, that doesn't mean it can't be tasty !

The sun was still high in the sky when rainy clouds covered the forest and released their drops. The team of fishermen gathered hastily gathered whatever fish wasn't cooked yet, and saved the prepared meals. Talasha lead the group, zigzagging among the trees, avoiding the heavy winter rain, to the tower owned by Sir Braiden Mismantel where everyone found a warm and welcoming refuge. There, among the vials and others experiments of the noble,  the fish had been prepared and packed in crates. Those crates were sendt to Westfall the next day.

Whitestar Magazine is happy and proud to announce that the Charity Fishing Day had been able to provide food for a small week to the refugee camp of Westfall.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa

Society : a dwarvish wedding

The hammer hit the anvil in regular sounds resonating in the cave. The whispering crowd were bathed in the dark orange light of the Great Forge : dwarves and humans mostly. Kaldorei rarely venture so deep in the heart of the Mountain. Armed with their hammers, the bride and the groom were forging a long chain binding them to each other. The deep voice of the priest summoned the blessing of old Titans. The scenery was captivating, and here I was assisting to my first dwarf wedding!

The senator Gogól Irondawn had met the curvy Angetilde along a party organised between their two Clans. This was not a political wedding arranged to settle the new Ironforge Governement, they are both Bronzebeard. Even if it’s still difficult for me to understand the true feelings the dwarves are hiding behind their stone armor of laughter and grumpiness, I think those two love each other.

I arrived to the ceremony a  bit late. This, mainly due to my misunderstanding of basic dwarvish religion. The Great Temple of Ironforge is not the Mystical Ward, but the Great Forge. I had to explore the city with Kierrann, my newest colleague to finally find the crowd covering entirely the middle area of the Forge. Many Stormwinders had come to reinforce their alliance with the dwarf people. In those dark times, it’s not the moment to offend and lose allies.

I immediatly regretted the absence of Arbooz Boilingstone. I’d have love to have more explanations about the symbolism used along this ceremony. The iron chain, forged by the fiancées replaced the exchange of rings in human tradition. The forge is sacred for dwarves, something explained me later the thief catcher Spyre.
After the ceremony itself, everyone had been invited to the Amberstill Ranch, owned by the senator. The Cortege followed the newly married couple in the fresh snow of Dun Morogh, and didn't miss any occasion to congratulate them.

Being a dwarf wedding party, I was expecting it to be a real dwarvish carousal, with people drunk to death, rolling in the snow, laughing and shouting hard enough to create an avalanche. But everything was moderate,very formal.After all Gogól Irondawn is not anybody, he is an important dwarf, working for his nation.

Whitestar Magazine wish the couple a happy and long life !

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa

People : Interview with Plexor, a man of the Alliance

I was working late one night and had been taking myself to The Blue Recluse bar in Stormwind Mage district. I was working on some articles when i turned my head towards a man standing at the staircase. I could see scars on his body and the face seemed calm, but his eyes burned with something I can only describe as determination and the will to live. When i first met Plexor he seemed to be a silent man, someone who choses his words carefully, his face was full of scars from battles all over our world. I asked him for an interview and he gladly agreed.

He looked at me and asked if he may have a seat. i welcomed him to the table and introduced myself. He introduced himself as Plexor, a man figthing to keep our lands safe from attacks coming from our enemies.

Plexor, tell me. What do you do for a living?
Well, right now i am working for the alliance as a soldier, mostly under King Varian Wrynn.

I get missions and do them gladly, i sometimes work with the night elfs

Do you mind if i write this down Plexor?
Not at all Alakina.

Tell me how is the Horde problem on our boarders? Where is the Horde threat at its greatest?
Well, that depends on my place of work really, up in Warsong the Horde's are usually very hard to deal with. They are heavily trained in battle and the tactics they use are sometimes very troublesome to fight against. But the night elfs have great tactics themselves, their job with formations and information makes them very good to work with.

Have you ever been seriously injured when fighting back the Hord?
Almost every battle is hard and painful, if it wasnt for the great people skilled in the healing art's it would have been impossible to bare.

I understand, do you ever feel sympathy for a Horde?
It depends, when I know that one horde has absolutely no other choice than to fight, i can feel a bit bad what i am doing towards him. But overall the only Hordes I can respect are Thrall and Sylvanas.

Yes i can understand that. Have there been any threats to Stormwind lately?
After Deathwing destroyed parts of Stormwind, the city got a lot stronger. There are less Horde attacks here now. There are some Horde using their abilities lurking in the back alleys of Stormwind, but with the help of many we easily find and terminate those.

Tell me Plexor, how long have you been fighting the Horde.

Plexor looks down at the table and takes a deep sigh, the look on his face tells me this is hard to talk about.

I will never forget why i chose the life of forever battle against the Horde.

I gave him a friendly tap on the shoulder and he looks up.

Please continue.
I was a soldier of the big war in Outlands, fought in the battle against the legion and Illidan.
I didn't have the time to think of Hordes at that time. I didnt have anything against them either.
As me and my allies fought the great forces of the legion, we found out that we also had another great enemy. Both alliance and the horde had problems with Illidan's thirst for power The Horde always tried to stop us figthing the evil of Illidans force's. I lost many friends out of stupidity of the Horde not letting us do our work, we tried to work together with them, but they started to kill us one by one. And since then i have never been able to face another Horde and think good about that creature.

Plexor takes a deep breath and takes a sip of his ale. He stares at the candles at the table and he seems lost in memories for a while. I clear my throat a bit, not really enjoying the pressured silence.

I am not much of a battle girl, I have met a few Horde during my travels but I always run and hide before they spot me.
Horde usullay wont attack civilians if there's no reason behind it, but they are still Horde so its a good choice being careful around them.
Thank you, I will keep that in mind.

Plexor looks at me and excuses himself, he is needed in battle yet again and has to go and retrieve his orders.

I thank Plexor for his time and wish him luck in the battles to come. I stare at the doorway where he ,dissapears a long time after his gone, knowing that he will be OK. My mind is with him whilst he is fighting to keep us all safe.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Alakina Aisling

Travelling Alchemist Commentary : Ironforge in bad hands ?

I will say this once: there is always something going on out there, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open to see it. I got conviencend about this again, when i decided to come back to Ironforge from frosty Northend. I have spent last few months in Lich King's domain, and haven't got any Idea, what was going on in old continents.

I catched some first bothered voices in Valiance Keep, when I was waiting for ship to Stormwind. Few visitors of local inn were saying something about dragons, elementals attacks, and groups of cultists emerging in broad daylight in Western Kingdoms. Well - nothing new really, another story of local talker, that hopes for few free rounds from naive listeners - I have thought to myself first. But there was some kind of seriousness in these scraps of informations, that put me in awareness, and I decided to take a closer look to this case. Unfortunatetly locals didn't know anything specific, so I decided to wait for the ship anyway, and gather some concrete intel during the cruise.

I must say that sailors are wonderful companions in these sea travels. These true seadogs will never say no to any kind of alcoholic brewerage, and their great experience with brews from all the world, made them really appreciative towards a fine dwarven ale, that I'm always carrying with me. A few drops of a Friendship Potion (my own formula), discreetly poured into mugs, made the tongues of my companions very loose, and I got the whole story, with all the details I could hope for.
Sailors told me about the events, that all called "Cataclysm". Appearance of Deathwing, destruction of Stormwind, some troubles for elves in Kalimdor... well wathever, thats not important really. But what was a grim news for everyone: king Magni Bronzebeard fell to terrible curse and has been changed into a diamond statue! I wonder what kind of chemical reaction happened there... well, but that's not the point! The point is that the Council of Three Hammers has been established. That I really couldn't believed. Wildhammers cooperating with Bronzebeards? That was possible, but Falstad Wildhammer i knew, wouldn't give the autonomy of his clan so easily. And alliance with Dark Irons? If it was up to me I would never let that hit-in-the-head-with-iron-hammer-princess Moira back into Ironforge ever again. I surely had to see it with my own eyes!

When I arrived in Stormwind i only drank three mugs of ale in The Golden Keg (Only three! Not enough even to clean the taste of salty water from the cruise. You may now got an idea in what rush i have been!) and went straight for Deeprun Tram to Ironforge. When I got there, the same Frienship Potion (but much greater dosage) helped me to convience the guards to let me into throne room. And there they were: Moira Thaurissan (pfft), Muradin Bronzebeard, and good old Falstad Wildhammer, sitting arm to arm in three big thrones. In fact Falstad was actually standing - he seemed not to feel confortable in this big cosy chair. Fortunately I knew our king quite good (I was never able to outdrink him - unthinkable...), so when he saw me he smiled and greeted me warmly. I'll try to give you our speech as exact as I can:

Falstad: Welcome Arbooz! I haven't seen you for long time. What was happening to you during last months.

Arbooz: Well, my king, I was travelling through all of Northend for half a year. But that's not as import...

Moira: Who is this clown? Why did he got here without appointment?!

Falstad (with disgusted look at Moira): He's one of my dwarves "princess". That's not your business here!

Muradin: Allright Falstad. It would be appropriate for him to introduce himself when he's here, don't you think? (Looks at me) Well, dwarf?

(Moira angrily turned away)
Arbooz: Ofcourse king Muradin. My name is Arbooz Boilingstone of Wildhammers. I'm a travelling priest and an adventure seeker. (I kneeled in front of Muradin)

(Muradin noded at me and seemed content)
Falstad: I told ya he's one o' my boys! So what brings you here Arbooz in these hard times?

Arbooz: I heard about tragedy that happened to Magni, and I needed to see with my own eyes, what's going on in Ironforge now. My condolences to you king Muradin upon this great loss.

Muradin (with true sadness on his face): Thank you for your words Arbooz. It is sure a great tragedy for us all. I'm not even half as good leader as my brother, but together with Falstad and Moira we will do everything that we can, so dwarves would survive these hard times together!

Falstad: We sure do, mate! And you are great leader Muradin. You have me and all Wildhammers on your call!

Muradin: Thank you for that Falstad.

Arbooz: Good to hear that, my king. But what made you to join this alliance? What about independence of Willdhammers?

Falstad (with a little smile): Don't worry about our autonomy, my friend. These times require unity of our race, and I would be a fool not seeing that. Wildhammers are still under my command and I assure you, that we make all important decisions together with Muradin... and that orc-looking iron princess.

Moira: What did you say Falstad?!

Falstad: What I speak about with my dwarves shouldn't be your concern! Better go and take care of that iron bastard of you.

Moira: Watch your mouth Wildhammer! It's your future king!

Falstad (to himslef): Ya, right, future-king my butt...

Arbooz: But my king... a pact with iron dwarves? Is that wise? And even possible?

Falstad: Well... I really doubt it friend... But that is not for me to decide. If Muradin thinks that alliance with irons is best for us, then I'm with him?

Arbooz: And what do you think about it Muradin? Do we really need this alliance with dark irons?

Muradin: You see Arbooz, we surely don't need another enemy now. We can't really forget, that Moira is Magni's daughter, so she and her son has some privilages in Bronzebeard dynasty. The best thing that we can do right now is to keep this truce with dark irons. I don't know for how long will it last, but as long Moira wants to stay close to the crown, she will keep the dark irons steady, and we all can only benefit from this.

Arbooz: That is really king, that is speaking through you, Magni!

Moira (with domineering look): Dwarf, and don't you want to hear my opinion about this situation.

Arbooz: Ah, ofcourse "queen". So tell me, don't ya think, that your claims for Bronzebeard throne are ridicolous and you should stay with your dirty dark irons in their holes?

Moira: What?!

Arbooz: Oh, you don't know how to anwser that, or did you just haven't understand the question? Let me rephrase it...

(Flastad smirks)
Moira: How dare you?...

Arbooz: ...Do you think that using your father's name, that you already rejected not so long ago, gives you the right to bring the son of some twisted dark priest, and his brainless minions too...

Moira: Guards! Take this impudent fool into custody!

Arbooz: ... to our capital city? Isn't that a little... crazy? How do you think?

Well readers, even if Moira got some anwser, I didn't last to hear it. As I turned away i saw guards coming for me, and grim look on Muradin face told me, that my audience is over. I catched also a rakish grin of Falstad, so I couldn't dissapoint my good king. With last wicked wink at Falstad I took a Flask of Cludy Fog (private alchemy invention) from my backpack, and dropped it on the floor. I left throne room, leaving behind voices of rambling guards, deep laugh of Wildhammer king and coughs of dark iron princess. Let me cite this for you:

Moira: Cough... Cough!...

Still, I didn't know what to think about it, but as always going into tavern was a best decision. When I sat in The Stonefire Tavern, by the mug of ale, and chatting with Inkeeper Firebrew, he made best summary to the changes in our society.

Firebrew: You know Arb, to us almost nothing have changed. We're still walking through our city, doing our daily jobs, and we feel safe here. What happens in throne room? I don't care really. I have faith in Muradin. He's Dwarf of his name, and he can hadle the leadership as good as king Magni did. I'm sure he will make a good understanding with Falstad, and he will take care of anything Moira can pull. And truce with irons? Well, thanks to it I've got some supplies of dark iron brew. Let me pour you some, it's not that bad.

And, as always, Firebrew was right. It wasn't that bad.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from - Arbooz Boilingstone

Elloa's chronicles : the shattering

One night, I had left the noisy and chaotic Westbrook Keep, where I was staying at the time. The refugee camp wasn’t used only for poor farmers and lumberjacks anymore, now homeless nobles had invaded the place with their own militia and servants, whose spiteful manners could discourage the most caring volunteers. The keep was overhelmed. It was impossible to welcome all Stormwinders refugees, and some even had to be sent away.

Alakina had picked me up with her motorized chopper, and we decided to go for a ride in the countryside. We needed rest and a quiet moment to recover our energy, our peace of mind. We wandered for several hours in the golden fields of Westfall. The sky was sparkling with stars. The night was beautiful. We stopped in the middle of some grass and we laid down, watching the infinite sky above our heads, and we shared different memories of the past.
Several minor tremors shook the ground, but we had started to get used to it, and we weren’t anymore as scared as the first days. However, we felt something strange under our feet, like some constant vibrations almost undetectable. We listenened to the earths song of pain. However, I was too tired to tempt any shamanic communication with the elements. We headed towards Sentinel Hill, passed the walls, and got a bed in the inn.

My dreams were haunted by visions. They were like what I saw at the Ceremony of Vision, severals days ago, I dreamt about a giant wave rising and devastating the landscape. It seemed so real. It was so vivid! I woke up suddenly, out of breath, and covered with sweat. I heard people screaming and running outside. The little village was in panic. I knew something very serious had happened…What we were scared about, what we were expecting those last weeks had finaly occured.
I turned toward Alakina’s bed, and I saw her place empty. A feeling of doom invaded my heart. I tried to reason with myself, but the feeling was strong, almost unbearable. I left with our bags, running away. I heard people yelling than a giant dragon had destroyed Stormwind, that the world had shattered, that we would all die. I know, I should have taken care of those people, but I only wanted to find Alakina.
I spend the whole day searching for her. I questioned villagers and the crowd of refugees arriving from Stormwind. I ran through the fields for hours, heading towards Elwynn, towards the Westbrook Keep. As I feared, she wasn’t there either. She would have told me. I got my talbuk from the stable, and went back to Westfall.

The vision of apocalypse reminded me of the morrow after the shattering of  Draenor. I must confess, that at that point I was more relieved than scared. The ground seemed to be still solid under our feet. Then, in the distance, something attracted my attention. It was like a rift, or a kind of tornado. The wind was blowing with fury, and pieces of the land were flying, prisoners of its anger. My heart started to race. I could not explain why, but I felt she was close. I called out for her several times, searching around the crater caused by the torrent. And then, I heard her voice.

When I found her she was lying in the middle of some stones, almost unconscious, weak and severly injured. She had no idea why and how she had arrived there in the midlle of the destroyed fields. But she was alive ! I used the power of water to give her enough vitality to raise herself up. I felt relieved.
In the end, as I was carrying her to my talbuk, I suddendly realised that I might have lost a lot of people dear to me along this night.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa

Arulan's Travelling guide: Darnassus- The sleeping Jewel.

First time I entered this city I was struck by the combination of elegant stone towers and domes and other signs of elaborate stonemasonship and simple and almost savage-like nature of dwellings of most of the locals. As odd as it may sounds the opposite is in fact true here and gives a specific and stunning impression to anybody who travels to Darnassus from the east like me.
While wandering the streets of Darnassus I happened to meet several other travelers like and upon short introduction they were eager to share their views and thoughts on the city with the potential readers of the magazine.

It's all about the lake says the Draenei.
One day near the artisan's terrace where all necessities for daily life are being skillfully produced by locals craftsman I happened to make acquittance with a traveling draenai, calling herself Hyva. „If nothing else, seeing the lake is just enough for me“ said she when I inquired her about what places are worth seeing here to be recommended to other fellow visitors of this city. „While I sit at the bank and watch the surface I feel an inner calm like while being in the presence of Naaru“ said she. While I can't comment on this at the moment , spending a moment or two doing nothing just watching the lake's water feels refreshing. Indeed the silvery glow of the water surface of the lake in the middle of the city definitely gives almost ethereal sensation. On the other hand beauty comes hand in hand with pragmatism here since the lake is also a source of fishes. From my personal experience I can only but recommend to taste a freshly catch fish prepared on local herbs in one of the inns in the city.

People are cold here.
However impression of the city can differ. A merchant who's whereabouts will be kept secret since we respect his wish to remain anonymous said „There aren't many places which are off-limits, but the look of locals and especially the sentinels will let you immediately know that you don't fit in here. I don't even dare to ride here on my mechanostrider“. Be it one or other reason approaching local people to share some information on their city proved to be very difficult, with replies varying from shy and avoiding answers to intentional ignorance. Gathering my resolve to not fail our readers I visited the colossal Temple of the Moon on the southern part of Darnassus only to be explained that „my presence isn't proper here and I'm disturbing the activities of the temple“. Sad but true, any prospective traveler will on his daily encounters in the city meet tolerance but also a barrier of reclusivity build around most of the Night elves or Kaldorei as they call themselves.

After all the old Gilenan saying „When you're in Gilneas behave like Gilneans do.“ nonetheless true here and acceptance has to be paid by sincere effort.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from- Arulan Davenport

New reporters for Whitestar Magazine !

Two new reporters has joined the crew of Whitestar Magazine, and will in the following months share amazing news and tales of their adventures with our readers. As Whitestar Magazine does't typically do things the normal way, neither of those journalists were hired by a simple job announcement. The way they joined our team is an adventure in itself which deserve to be told.

The first time I met Arbooz Boilingstone, a proud dwarf explorer, and expert in alchemy, I was deep undersea. Somehow, we both had ended in the surroundings of the lost sunken city of Vashj'ir, helping the Earthen Ring in their war against the Naga.
When the boat that I had embarked on had sunk, I though it was my last moment alive. The unfortunate crew was gasping in fear, surrounded by the giant tentacles of some deep sea monster. But fear didn't caught me. I was falling  into an amazing landscape of seaweed and colorful corals, and I thought it was a nice place to die.
However, I didn't die. Instead I got captured by the naga, and that's when I met Arbooz. The dwarf, despite this delicate situation, was far from depressed. His energy, and his humour  was like sunshine shining into the ocean.
Somehow, we both managed to escape, and we stuck together. Communication deep under water isn't that easy. But adventure create bonds between people. Severals weeks later, my dwarvish friend came by the office to greet me. His taste for exploration had  immediately pleased Miss Aisling. This is how he joined the Whitestar Magazine crew.

When I came back in Stormwind, after several weeks spent underwater fighting the Naga , I was lost. The city had changed, there were people everywhere, stressed and always in hurry. Now more than before. Then, someone called for me, and led me into an unpopulated corner of town. He wanted to share an amazing scoop for Whitestar Magazine with me and begged me to not be afraid, whatever would happen. As no one was present in the surroundings, he let himself go, and shapeshifted into a werewolf. He was a worgen, just like those haunting Duskwood! He told me he came from the kingdom Gilneas, that they had been rescued by the Kaldorei, and that they were at War with the Forsaken, and that they needed help! Then, he disepeared without a sign.

Alakina and I decided to take the boat for Darnassus, and ask the Kaldorei about this amazing story. It's there that we met Arulan Davenport, another Gilnean escapee. He was wandering in the elven city, by the pond. He seemed a bit lost and uneasy. We went with him to an inn, discussed. It was one of those nights that can only be spent in the lands of the Kaldorei, appeased by the peaceful song of the wind in the high branches of the trees, and the murmur of the wild beasts running in the grass. Arulan explained the tragedy his kingdom had known along the past years, and how the war with the Forsaken had driven many survivors to Darnassus. As we were speaking, two soldiers of the Gilnean guard entered in the Inn. In opposition of Arulan, they were arrogant, walking in Darnassus like it was some sort of conquered town, looking down at their fellow countryman with mocking smiles. This immedialtly made me like Arulan more. The young man was searching a way to leave Darnassus and live on his own. He was well educated and had the will. After having told him about our job as reporter, he voiced his interest. He is now a reporter for Whitestar Magazine.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa