Earthquake : a refugee camp open in Westbrook

The series of earthquakes and the recent attacks of raging elementals have destroyed many houses and farms, ruining fields and harvests, breaking families, making children orphans. Some people have lost everything including the smallest hope of better days. No wonder so many of them join the ranks of the Cultists swarming in the woods surrounding the main town !

A man decided to give back hope to Elwynn, to warm the heart of homeless farmers and lumberjacks families by opening a camp of refugees in Westbrook !
This kind soul is the heir of House Mismantle. The Mismantle family had arrived in the country some time ago from the mysterious kingdom of Gilneas and had settled themselves in a manor north of Darkshire, before a drama occured. His father had at this time been a refugee himself, which might explain why Baron Braiden Mismantle himself is so concerned with the well being of those who have lost everything.
- « I’m only doing my duty », he says modestly.

With dynamic energy Sir Mismantle have managed to convince the King to let him use the Westbrook Garnison as shelter, and to send a spare of guards from the Blazing Shields regiment. With the help of Stormwinder merchants he has gathered enough food and medicine to offer proper help to every person in need in the area. Many volunteers came to bring their help: medics, cooks, guards… The Shining Strand offered a hand too and were present to chase and capture the cultists trying to corrupt the poor Elwynn inhabitants. During the only night of the opening of the camp, two cultists had been captured. One managed to escape, while the other had been questioned in the prison of the Garnison.

"After a while of questioning it turned out the man had planted some kind of explosive device in the keep, even though time was too short to dispose of it none was harmed. The small explosion caused minor damage to the dining hall in form of a few destroyed tables and a little damage to the wooden stairs leading up to the second floor. After this the cultist was rendered unconscious by magical means and taken to Stormwind for imprisonment in wait for further interrogation." - Quoted from Westbrook report.

Despite this incident, several refugees have already found a temporary home because of the generous initiative of Sir Mismantle.

- « He really saved us from despair. I was about to join the Cult when I heard this camp was open » says Mrs Elizsa Brown whose husband had been saved from a heartattack in the keep  « If there was more men like him, the world would certainly be better. »

We can only agree with Mrs Brown. May this article inspire other persons to follow the example of Baron Mismantle.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa

Earthquake : Investigations in Darkshore

Everywhere in the world, investigations concerning the earthquakes and the sudden rage of the elementals are hold. The Academy of Magic, lead by the minister of Magic of Stormwind, Proffessor Vezullia Astroloxia have secretly gathered to discuss about different theories and build hypothesis. The GAIRDAS institute organise regular expeditions in different parts of the world (cf article « Short News : Naga War  »).

The Kaldorei are not an exception, and under the lead of the new Elder of Diplomacy, the priestess Neferi Nightheir, a large team had been sendt in Darkshore to investigate in different suspicious points. The team gathered many druids, and at the demand of the Circle of Darnassus, the presence of several shamans of the Exodar had been requested. Two mages, one human and the arcanist Drustai were also present.

After a meeting in Auberdine and some explanations concerning what could be found, two teams sharing an equal amount of druids, shamans and mages were sendt in two different locations where a suspicious activity of cultists had been discovered. The cultists belong to the Twillight Hammer lead by the Ogre Cho’Gall and are apparently the same group sending doomsayers in Stormwind. What are they dooing in Darkshore is still for now a mystery. Several devices, similair to those placed by the Cult in Stormwind and releasing Storm Elementals had been found in the wood. In addition, three books of dark magy had been discovered.

One of those book had been discovered at the Master’s Glaive. The Place had been named after a Titan's sword still standing in the giant crushed skull of an old god, as said the legend. The area had been infested by the Cultists some times ago already, but their activity had drasticly increased recently.
The priestess Neferi had been severly harmed during the investigations. Surrounded by dark power, the graceful Kaldorei had been stuck on an Altar, her companionships beeing totaly powerless to rescue her. It’s only after have find one of the books, and beeing able to understand the textes, that the Arcanist Drustai managed to save Neferi by using frost spells.

On the way for Auberdine, a fight happened between several Kaldorei and the Farseer Sanara. The night elves surprinsingly wanted to preserve the dark books and study them, while the draenei matriarch insisted strongly to see them destroyed immediatly. The fight hopefully ended before to create a diplomatic issue.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa

Society : A Hallows End party!

We danced with ghosts and ghouls when this yearly Hallows End party was held at Raven hill cemetery in Duskwood, and with Miss Aisling from The Shining Strand as the Wicked Witch hostess, this night will be hard to forget. A Hallows End party for all of us who wanted to celebrate the fallen with being alive.

Miss Aisling welcomed everyone to the Hallows End celebration with a speach and asked everyone to have some food and drinks in the bar. She looked a bit frightening; that was of course the theme for the night. Me and Tintam arrived dressed as a Twilight Cultist and a Lumberjack. The costume contest would be held later on in the evening; me and Tintam was asked to be judges in it. There was also going be a food contest where the contestants had to eat fermented haunted Herrings; me and Tintam were gonna be judges in that contest too.

The winner would be the one who still stood up after the last fermented haunted Herring was eaten.

The bar offered different kinds of drinks and I drank something yellow which tasted of orange with a jello larva in it, a very suitable drink for this nights theme. I also saw a blue one with a spider in it, I didn't have the gut's to try that one out.

When we all had been mingling for a while with our drinks and in good company, Miss Aisling called us out to the courtyard where the food competition was going be held. A Gnome Commander from the Gnomeregan Special Forces arrived with a box with an extremely awfull smell, I believed these were the Herrings. It was hard to stay near it. Suddenly the Gnome Commander started to melt and was soon gone in a pile of green clay. We took our hat's off to salute the brave Gnome Commander who died carrying out the fermented haunted Herrings, may he rest in peace.

Only 3 contestants had the gut's to enter the competition. And amongst the contestants there was a woman, Lady Vale. The other two was a warlock named Vect and a mage named Gathren, both of whom were men. The smell was nearly too much for us judges to handle, so if we were becoming feint of the smell we had to step back a bit. Vect gave up first, he was very pale and his face shifted in light green; well done Vect. The two contestants left swallowed fast and you could see on their face's they nearly had enough, when we all heard the word. Gathren gave up which meant that Lady Vale was the winner. Her pale green face broke out in a big smile. We all applauded the Champion of fermented haunted Herring eating, that same fish who killed a Gnome Commander and took out two strong men.

The Hallows End party continued and everyone had a very good time. The last contest for the evening was the costume competition, and everyone had come dressed in great costumes for the evening, meaning we, the judges, should judge the best. Many entered the competition and it was a very tough call to judge all the nice costumes. Even though the judges had their favourites we had to be fair to everyone in the contest. We judged with points and the contestants had to tell us why he or she chose that particular costume; we also gave points for best costume.

A heavy mist was hanging in the air and we called out the best male and female winner. Lephia who dressed as a headless horseman victim was the female winner. We were stunned when she told us her tale in how she got caught in the horseman's trap. Well done! The male winner was Eloresh dressed as a barbarian, his tale of barbarians was very interesting to listen to. The bloodstained axe he had on his back was a real breathtaker. Fake? Real? We can only guess. The fireworks lighted the dark sky when the winners recieved their prize's.

This Hallows End's party came to an end. And I believe ghosts, ghouls nor humans will ever forget this evening. An evening which goes in the sign of death and life alike.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Alakina Aisling

Society : The Diaspora House

The draenei rent a house in Stormwind to establish their community in a peaceful lane facing the canal. The outrageous prize of the Stormwinder real estate force them to share the building with Whitestar Magazine. I can say they couldn’t have find better neighbourghs !

The idea came from the anchoress Exaythe, a quiet draenei and our reporter Elloa. They wanted to create a commune for the exiled draenei living in the Eastern Kingdoms, but as many of them had joined different azerothian organisations, Exaythe prefered to establish a kind of ambassy. « Alike the Arrathorian » did she precised to me.

The house is called Diaspora House, to remind that the draenei have been splitted all arround the world, separated from each others and to invite them to gather in their stormwinder home. This initiative is important for them, because a draenei cut from his commune become a ashem, someone who have forgotten the Light. Many of them are already regular visitor, I can mention Miss Puaar and the draenei-undead, Arcanist Drustaï. I do not understand anyting of what they are saying, but I can assure you that the atmosphere in the house is filled with good vibrations !
We can expet many activities to be hold, and I’m proud to announce you that Whitestar Magazine will be at the first rank ! Hourrah !

A kind remind to our visitors which might come to our office : stay quiet and respectful, the first floor is reserved for the Draenei. Any donation of chairs are welcome ! My bet that we will need them !

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Tintam Spindlefirework

Earthquake : the shaman gathering

When the earth cry, when the wind blow his anger, when the fire burn in rage and the water lose her peace, the shamans gather.

Our reporter Elloa who is also initiated to shamanism (cf. Article : Chronicle of Elloa : shaman awakening) have travelled through Azeroth during two weeks to warn and call all shamans of the world. They heard her call, and they gathered in the goblin harbor of Ratchet.

A lot of orcs came, some of them wearing the colors of the "The Red Blade", the shaman leading them was a pregnant female named Maazguul who didn't hesitate to tire herself for the sake of the world. Different Trolls came from different tribes whose names are unknow to me, two Taurens, the dwarf Angos from the Wildhammer clan, the Farseer Sanara and some others Draenei shamans. Amazingly, two ogres felt concerned enough to join the gathering, aswell the chieftain of the Ashepine tribe,Uung, who was firstly mistaken as a bear ! Watching the ogre with a suspicious eyes, some orcs prefered to keep their blades close, in case..

The shamans gathered in a large circle. Elloa and a troll offered a potion with a strong herbal smell, that all drank. They started the drums and the songs. And then, one by one, they all started to dance. They seemed to be lost in another world. It was the ceremony of Vision, and all shamans saw the elements raging in War.

Then, they started the Ceremony of Offering to appease the Elements. They dropped totems and summoned orbs arround them, while the leaders where giving offerings. The ogres had a way to honnour the Water who surprised everyone.
When the Earth had been honnored, flowers and plants flourished out of the soil. And a Earth elemental appeared, peacefull. All shamans seemed to be relieved and started to cheer. Unfortunately, soon after, the very ground trembled in a eartshock once more.

The shamans had done all they could. Despite the wars and conflicts separating their races, they gathered peacefully, and prayed together. Even if they didn't succeed to appease the Elements, this gathering was a first victory over destruction.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Alakina Aisling

Short News

Earthquake : Naga's war

During the few last weeks the GAIRDAS Institute have organised several expeditions in different hotspots of ancient disasters to study any source of disturbance which could cause the series of Earthquakes. The Institute, lead by the mage Blinkie, had call for some volunteers to help the investigations. Along the scientist representatives of Gnomeragan, have joined a priestess of Elune, a druid, a human, and some honnored members of the Explorer League of Ironforge. And obviously, the Whitestar Magazine crew was present all along the three expeditions!

The two first investigations, respectively in the old citadel of Blackrock, and arround the Dark Portal, have both been negative. However, the last one, send in the desolated area of Azharra had been a lot more fruitful. And as you can guess, your favourite team of reporters have not only be present, and participating to the research, but have actualy made two discoveries of importance !

After having risk our life in different old temples in ruins, menacing at each earthquake to collapse on our head, we have find some old Naga tablets that the moon priestess have translated. The last temple we visited was invaded by nagas bodies lying everwhere on the ground. A simple look was enough to understand that the giant crabs infesting the place were not the guilty ones ! After some times of research, braving the stones falling from the roof, and the monsters, I found the parchemin who would teach us the scoop of the year : the Nagas are at War. The syrens recieved the order of retrieving back into the seas and to fight ..something terribly mysterious. Why ? The reasons might be told in the next Whitestar Magazine ! Stay updated and do not miss our next numero !

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Tintam Spindlefirework

Darnassus : The dark books affair

The problem of the books is not solved yet (cf. Article "Investigations in Darkshore"). Four books had been discovered and are jealously enclosed by an Elder of the Circle of Darnassus. The Farseer Sanara have requested several time one volume to show to the Naaru O'ros and have his opinion concerning the obvious corruption of those books. The Kaldorei have however refused any negociations.
Why so much protection and so much secrets arround those books ? A possibility is that the Circle is affraid to see the books stolen and destroyed. Hard time, hard measure could we argue...However this behaviour and this interest for dark magy books is so inapropriate for a people which have lose its immortality due to the corruption of arcane power, for a people having suffered so heavily because of the Legion, that "the dark book affair" become very suspicious.

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa

Stormwind : new regiment

Two new regiments of Guards are patrolling the streets of Stormwind. The Blazing Shield, which were assuring the city security till now, seem to have been the target of unfortune, and to have lose many of their effective in the past few weeks.
To balance the situation, a generous noble have offered his own militia to the service of the city. Those are walking in purple tabard and call themselves : The Dieudonné Seal.

I can personaly testify of the good work of those mans. I had been send – as many volunteer- in a secret mission to infiltrate the Cult. I was wearing a cultist dress as disguisement, while unfortunate enough to have been stabbed by a bandit that I tried to help. Sir Mismantel was walking by chance in that street. Seeing me injuried and losing my blood on the very ground, he called the guard for assitance. Two guards of the Seal of Dieudonné arrived almost immediatly. They offered a charitable assistance, but stand firm and strict. I had to be taken in the Keep for heavy questioning concerning my outfit and my possible affiliation with the Cult. No words of the Baron Mismantel nor the fact that I'm well known as reporter in the city, sufficed to release me. The guards stand uncorruptible, strict, but always respectful, fair and gentle. That's what we expect from a city guard regiment, aren't we ?

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa

People : Interview with the judge Whitker:

When I first met Whitker I got the feeling of a man who didn't stop for anything, who put everyone in the dirt. But underneath the harsh surface there is a man who is a soon to be a father; his girlfriend is pregnant. A man who helps the poor. And all in all he is a nice and decent
guy who sees to other's needs.

Whitker is a judge in Stormwind City, working with the Dieudonne Seal's regiment, aiding them with all legal pursuits; a judge is in charge of trials and makes sure they are fair.
This is Whitestar Magazine's interview with Whitker the judge.

What exactly do you do in your work?
As you already know I'm a judge. I help to keep the streets safe by working with the Guard regiment in any way I can to make their life easier. I also sentence criminals and uphold the law. Some of the laws can also be misinterpreted or the punishments unclear. We're hoping to revise the law book sometime soon if the Council permits it and get a more cut and dry version. Not sure if I'd like this though, interpretation of the book is part of my job! But I also have other businesses like this bar...

Oh so you are a bartender too?
I own this bar, those jobs are taken up by my staff.

How many executions have you approven so far?
I approved one for the old guard regiment but I am almost certain that the criminal escaped. I'm working with the new guards, The Dieudonne Seal's to make sure that this won't happen again.

How many prisoners have you judged?
I've honestly lost count!

What is your major descisions? Is it murder, crime, money?
Murder is more common than I'd like to see it but I think the most usual crime is thievery, both mugging and home invasion. However, since the Seal have been on the streets criminals seem to be running scared!

A loud noice came from downstairs and we had to pause
the interview, Whitker excused himself like a true gentleman
and headed on downstairs to take care of the brawl.

Was everything ok downstairs?
Aye, everything is fine.
It can be a bit rough in bars I presume.
Definately when I have to chip in with security. Although, when I get involved, things tend to calm down very quickly.
Yeah well I know I wouldn't stick my nose up for the owner!

Have you judged someone from the bar?
No I never had to, I tend to employ mercs and the like but I usually do a background check.
Yes of course.

A big quake moved the earth and both me and Whitker grabbed the table for support.

That was a strong one! They are getting worse and worse.

I'm just glad this place is insured!

So do you go anywhere to research for the trials?
I merely ask all of the individuals involved. Guards and witnesses tend to be the key "research" I do, but mainly a case is already put together by a lawyer and often all of the information is there. The command centre tends to have all the records aswell; well guarded of course.

How many judges are there?
I've been informed of the existence of other Judges but so far havn't met any.

How long have you been a judge?
I've been a Judge for about six months or so, perhaps longer.

I bet Whitestar Magazine readers would like to know a little about you and your girlfriend. How did you two meet?
We actually hated each other to start with..
I guess she saw herself as a legal figure and didn't trust me much. We came to political blows a few times, seen my name been dragged through the muck several times too.

Whitker paused and lit a cigarette taken from the silvercase he
had on the table.
I listened with interest when Whitker told his story.

When I was a lawyer I obviously had to defend criminals. It was just part of the job.
Of course.
But there were rumours that it was more than that. Rumours that I helped them with illegal activities which just wasn't true. I wasn't in shape at all back then. I've only recently started my fitness regime. This place used to be raided you know? When they found criminals they linked it to me..
How do criminals NOT drink? How can a tavern open with no criminals drinking there?
I mean the majority of the working class in this city have been in a brawl.
I haven't heard anything at all what happened in Stormwind until just recently, I've been out and discovered the world.

Some of the poorer lot have stolen to feed themselves, I try to be fair. Someone that stole bread to feed themselves is guilty in my eyes, but they definately don't deserve a night in prison.

Hunger is not a crime..
Of course not, coming from a very upper class family I don't know of hunger. I've had friends that I've often helped out of it. If you want the truth, some of the criminals were given money by me, but dont get me wrong; these were the poor. The ones that could not clothe themselves. The ones that had families to support. Not for drugs or anything of similar nature. I saw them as people not criminals. It wasn't pity. It was Charity!
There is nothing wrong in helping others, criminal or not. It doesn't matter in my eyes.

Whitker smiled towards me in an understanding manner.
I excused myself and told him that my time was up, I was needed elsewhere and had to leave.

Thank you for the interview Whitker, it was very interesting
to hear about the work of a judge.
It was my pleasure!

Whitestar Magazine said their farewell to Whitker and headed out to go for another adventure.
Who will be interviewed next time?
Only time will tell.

Elloa's chronicles : awakening of a shaman

 Elloa's chronicles : the world seen through the eyes of a Draenei

I proposed to join the Elementalist Sekina in her expedition along the Hour of Argus, gathering organised by Puaar in the Exodar. The series of earthquakes had started lightly at this point, and Sekina had the project to investigate the elemental activity in far South Kalimdor with her apprendice, Neruna.

 I wanted to join them for several reasons. First, it was a marvellous opportunity to write an article about adventure and exploration. Second, I had to spend time with two sisters and be plunged in my own culture again, a perspective which filled me with joy. Third, it was the occasion for me to improve my shamanistic connection with the world. And lastly, I wanted to help and understand. Those earthquakes worried me as much as the others of my kind.

We left the Exodar on a chilly afternoon, and we took the boat for Auberdine. We were mounting our talbuk and carried as little as possible. I even didn’t bring any suitable armor. I didn’t think we had to cross different areas controlled by the Horde and that we might be considered as targets to shoot. Even after everything we have endured, I'm still an utopist Draenei.
However, our travel happened peacefully. The roads of Darkshore and Ashenvale were secure, and we had the occasion to discuss together and to enjoy the beauty of the ancestral woods. A series of earthquakes shaked the land. It seemed that they grew stronger, and the interval between them shorter. I fell once from my mount. We heard the trees creaking and we were worried they would fall on our heads.

We decided to take a pause of several days in Astranaar. Sekina explored the shores of the lake, meditating and listening to the complaining of the earth. Me, I took the occasion of being so close the Ashpine village to greet the Furbolgs.

Uung, the chieftain of the Ashpine tribe was holding a ceremony in the honour of the tribe ancestors when I arrived. Several Kaldorei were sitting arround the fire, breathing the herbal smoke which make strangers understand the language of the forest. I was a bit surprised to see so few Furbolgs, but Uung explained me quickly that he had sent them in the wild to try to calm the Elements.
 - "The Shaman say that the earth heaves in pain, if even you have heard its cries of agony all the way over at the heaven tree, then it might be even more severe than we originally feared." said he, visibly worried.
 -"The elements are upset. I hear the wind howling and screaming, it tears apart through this forest in agony." add Urog, the tribe fisherman

I went back in my room, but could not find sleep. A feeling was invading me. A feeling of emergency. And I knew that I had to continue my way alone. It was the moment to finish my initiation. I left my two sisters when the first rays of sunlight enlightened the forest, letting them only a letter as goodbye. I crossed the wood, I crossed the savannah of the Barrens. I didn’t met any hostilities. I thought I’d travel far, but my ride only drove me to the Stonetalon Mountains, a dry area with a strong Horde presence.

The elemental activity was quite important too. It was the ideal place to enter in contact with the Fire and Earth element. I chose a place on top of a mountain to meditate. I stayed for several days. The four last days, I met a Tauren shaman who was living close to Sunrock Retreat. We didn’t exchange one word, but we enjoyed the presence of each other, sharing frugal meals and meditating together.

It was then I understood what I had to do. An idea invaded my mind and it hasn't let me peace since then. I had to gather as many shamans as I could, from all horizons, to hold a great ceremony together. And maybe understand and help the world to not fall in chaos…

Whitestar Magazine© Article from -Elloa


Comic : New hope!